Kyle Ronald Freund

I need to redo my website.

While I may be a communications professional with over 12 years of experience (including a strong focus on strategic communications and marketing for non-profits and NGOs, and eight years working in media relations in the coffee industry), I remain behind in my coding practice. Which is okay, what with the focus on messaging, content strategy, editing and more. But now I have trouble keeping up with the web development.

So that's what I plan to do here. This is my website. There isn't much at the moment. I'm hoping to change that little by little. I might use Bootstrap or there's this cool responsive grid thing too.

But basically, if you think I can help you out on stuff other than web programming, look for me on Twitter @krfreund.

Otherwise it'd be great if you'd check back periodically to see what's new. Thanks for stopping by.


Plants in Captivity

I did a photo series of plants in captivity. Have you ever noticed how some plants look absolutely bored with their situation in life? Sitting in a corridor where no one ever goes. Stuck to a wall behind a murky glass. Well, they're just like you and me. They are alive and maybe they don't want to be so mistreated.

Here's a sampling.

Plants in Captivity 1 Plants in Captivity 2 Plants in Captivity 3


I'm still gathering key things that I have written, but I've written a lot for Cardinal Stritch University, Coffee Kids & Fairtrade International. I've also done some freelance work for Barista Magazine including photos and articles.

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If you're curious, I sometimes update my blog, "Good is Love"

I also look at Twitter more than I ought to and can be found here @krfreund.